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Chestnut Hill, MA


Interceptive Orthodontics in Chestnut Hill, MA

Some patients don't visit the orthodontist until tooth alignment issues become evident. But at Convivial Dental, we encourage our Chestnut Hill, MA patients to get help early on. Our interceptive orthodontics program is designed to eliminate or reduce the severity of developing dental problems in young patients.

Early Intervention Is Key

Interceptive orthodontics can save you and your child time, money, and future discomfort by correcting problems before they escalate. While the optimum age for beginning treatment depends upon the specific issue and patient at hand, at Convivial Dental, we encourage you to bring your child in as early as possible. Orthodontic issues often become apparent as permanent teeth emerge, and we use interceptive orthodontics to thwart the development of dental problems.

The goal of our interceptive orthodontics program is to help develop a permanent smile that is harmonious, functional and aesthetically pleasing for you and your child. To have your child examined, call today for an appointment.